Team Pursuit


The team pursuit sees two teams effectively chasing one another around the track with the ultimate aim of catching their opponents, the women have 3km in which to do this and race in teams of 3, the men have 4km and an extra man with which to achieve their goal.


Antwerp 1920 was the first Olympic Games to feature a team pursuit as we know it today with Italy taking the gold medal.

What to watch out for

The riders in each team ride just centimeters apart from one another, usually changing leader every half lap with the rider at the front of their team swinging up the banking then down again to rejoin the back of the string.

One to Watch

The engine room of the Great Britain men’s team pursuit quartet over recent years has been Ed Clancy. He can usually be seen leading the team away from the standing start and maintaining that position until well into the second lap of the race, providing the foundation of much of Great Britain’s success in recent years.