Team Sprint


The Team Sprint sees two teams start on opposite sides of the track for what is essentially a team time trial with a twist. At the end of each lap the leading rider in the team pulls off leaving their teammates to continue until just one rider is left to complete the race on behalf of their team. The men race over 3 laps with three riders, the women over 2 laps in teams of 2


Introduced as a new event in 1996 when it was known as the Olympic Sprint, the team sprint is the newest event to be created for the UCI World Championship and Olympic cycling programmes. The first ever World Championship where the event featured took place in Manchester in 1996 where Australia took victory ahead of Germany. The Womens Team Sprint made its debut in the track world champs in 2007.

What to watch out for

Whilst brute force and power are of course a big part in an event that might take as little 43 seconds to complete, technique is also important if the each team is to make the most of its strengths. Watch to see how quickly the teams get into formation out of the start gate and keep an eye out for gaps opening up between riders as a sign that a team is under pressure.

One to Watch

Matt Crampton has been the last rider in the GB Team Sprint Trio at recent events and his top speed and endurance make him ideally suited to anchor the team at this event.