Paralympic stars make up historic GB team for Track World Cup in London

Nine British Paralympic gold medallists are set to represent the Great Britain Cycling Team in the C1 para-cycling event at the forthcoming TISSOT UCI Track Cycling World Cup, which takes place at the Lee Valley VeloPark from the 14th – 16th December.

In a historic first, Dame Sarah Storey, Jody Cundy, Kadeena Cox, Jon-Allan Butterworth, Neil Fachie, Megan Giglia, Louis Rolfe and Sophie Thornhill with her pilot Helen Scott will line-up in London in Great Britain colours for the para-cycling events within a world cup schedule, alongside fellow programme riders James Ball piloted by Pete Mitchell, Will Bjergfelt, Jon Gildea, Fin Graham, Matt Robertson, Ben Watson and Matt Rotherham, who will pilot Neil Fachie. The para-cycling events are due to take place on 14th December.

Performance director Stephen Park OBE said: “The para-cycling squad we are entering into the C1 competition during the world cup looks strong, with some real medal prospects across the events.

“The achievements of the Paralympians speak for themselves, but there’s also a lot of talent amongst the other riders too. We’ve seen the tandem pairings of Neil and Matt plus James and Pete win medals on the world stage, Ben Watson and Will Bjergfelt put in some podium performances at road world cups this season, and John Gildea won silver at the para-cycling track world championship earlier this year.

“Fin Graham and Matt Robertson recently joined our podium potential programme, so I’m particularly looking forward to watching these two development riders make their debut representing Great Britain on the track.

“Para-cycling is a key part of the Great Britain Cycling Team, and indeed British Cycling, so it’s brilliant to see we are leading the way in including para-cycling events in high-profile competitions in this country and it’s fantastic for our riders to have this opportunity to showcase their talent and their sport.”


Great Britain Cycling Team Para-cycling Squad for TISSOT UCI Track World Cup, London (14th – 16th December):



Kadeena Cox (WC4) – 500m Time Trial and Team Sprint

Megan Giglia (WC3) – 500m Time Trial and Team Sprint

Dame Sarah Storey (WC5) – 500m Time Trial and Team Sprint

Sophie Thornhill piloted by Helen Scott (WB) – Tandem Match Sprint



James Ball piloted by Pete Mitchell (MB) – Tandem Match Sprint

Will Bjergfelt (MC5) – 1km Time Trial and Team Sprint

Jon-Allan Butterworth (MC5) – Team Sprint

Jody Cundy (MC4) – 1km Time Trial and Team Sprint

Neil Fachie piloted by Matt Rotherham (MB) – Tandem Match Sprint

Jon Gildea (MC5) – 1km Time Trial and Team Sprint

Finlay Graham (MC3) – 1km Time Trial

Matthew Robertson (MC2) – 1km Time Trial and Team Sprint

Louis Rolfe (MC2) – 1km Time Trial and Team Sprint

Ben Watson (MC3) – 1km Time Trial


See the stars of British Cycling #BackToTheTrack at London’s Lee Valley VeloPark at the 2018 TISSOT UCI Track Cycling World Cup series between December 14 and 16. For tickets and more information click here